Get ready with Dordle, a brand new version of Wordle with fun puzzles and user-friendly upgrades! Challenge yourself right now!
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Get ready with Dordle, a brand new version of Wordle with fun puzzles and user-friendly upgrades! The player's task is to guess the new word, then find the best answer and win. Players will only have seven wrong guesses per round, so try to solve the puzzle in the fastest time. So, you think you can become a language master in Dordle? Challenge yourself right now!

Dordle is a completely free online game with a fun puzzle theme suitable for everyone. Players will be challenged to guess two words at once using two boards, increasing the difficulty of the game compared to the Wordle version. The game has many upgrade features that give you more options, like upgrading the difficulty in next rounds or sharing your results with friends via social networks.  Join Dordle with us today and explore the latest expansions that can only be found in this fascinating game.

How to play Dordle

It's time for you to become Dordle's puzzle champion. Keep your spirits up and come up with the best solutions. Dordle's goal is for players to to find the correct answer and complete the puzzle in the shortest time. When you join the Dordle, you only have seven attempts per round to overcome the challenge presented to you. This game is designed with a two-square system, which allows you to focus all of your attention on guessing a word as quickly as possible, up to three or four attempts per word. However, the following should be noted:

  • The player will have seven wrong guesses, so try to solve the puzzle as soon as possible.
  • Each attempt must contain a minimum of five distinct characters.
  • When you successfully create a word, the color of the letters will change to green, yellow, or gray to indicate how to correct the word.

The game will end when you solve all the puzzles in the fastest time. To start a new round, players simply return to the home page and tap or double-click on Dordle. On the screen will appear a new game with more challenging puzzles. Try to find interesting keys to solve puzzles quickly.


Here are some tips and tricks to help players complete the mission within the allotted time. The player must confirm the most opportune time to switch from the chosen word. You have to make your first 1-2 throws at the board, hoping to get as much information out of the experience as possible. Once you've identified the first word, you should start typing the second one right after. This is the fastest way to save you time and effort for the next rounds.

In addition, you can refer to a few other ideas to be able to come up with solutions for yourself every day:

  • To achieve the best results in the mission, the player should prioritize following a general rule. Let's start with 2 to 3 vowels (to get rid of as many words as possible) and some of the most commonly used consonants (such as L, T, and Y). If you're still having trouble finding the right first word, you can start with "Latin," meet all of the requirements outlined above, and then work your way up to build the list.
  • You need to give as many clues as possible so that you can easily complete the mission in the last six chances.
  • If you have run out of ideas to find the answer, use the suggestions from the player support section to save the most time.


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