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Crosswords 2

Crosswords 2

Crosswords 2

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Crosswords 2


Crosswords 2 takes you through a maze of vocabulary with an unprecedented experience in an engaging puzzle game. The thrill of each round comes from the countdown timer. You only have a certain amount of time for each round. Therefore, quickly rely on the given hints to make inferences. The unique feature of this game is that you will need to fill in one character in many different boxes at the same time. This is a real challenge when you have to analyze from many positions without additional external suggestions.

The game has ten levels with increasing difficulty. As the rounds progress, the clues will become fewer and fewer, requiring you to reason more. Of course, you'll have countless attempts, although points will be deducted for each wrong turn. After the timer ends, you will no longer be able to continue with that grid. If you win, you will move on to the next round, but if losing, players will receive a new puzzle. It is truly a challenge that requires high concentration, excellent linguistic ability, and sharp reasoning skills. Are you confident in conquering these difficult challenges? Let's challenge yourself now!

The unique features

  • Ten levels range from mediocre to almost impossible to pass.
  • You must fill in one character in multiple blanks at the same time.
  • The only hint comes from the letters already in the grid.
  • The countdown feature allows you to only complete it within a certain period of time.
  • Each time you reveal a hint, your score will also decrease.

How to play

You select a cell, then click on the letter in the left panel to fill in the blank.

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