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Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Drift Boss
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Drift Boss


Drift Boss is an online game with a fun and special racing theme that is completely free. Players take part in the Drift Boss with the task of controlling and driving through the challenges to the ultimate victory. Drive your car like a boss. Drift left and right with good timing. Focus and anticipate your slides and slides in tight spots. How many points can you score? Join Drift Boss right now!


  • Incredible three-dimensional arcade setting; incredible vehicles unlocked by accumulating more pointsUnlock vehicles such as taxis, police cars, fire trucks, ice cream trucks, and ambulances, among other vehicles.
  • It is a completely responsive layout and design.
  • The ability to use the full screen.
  • It's an enjoyable sound track.

How To Play

The player's goal in Drift Boss is to go as far as possible without falling on the road. Driving requires practice, but with the simple controls of this game, you can be on the road with just one click. Choose one of the 8 cars from the main menu and click the play button to start the game. There's only a single car at first, but you can unlock the rest with the money you earn. To get your car to turn sharp corners, you can tap the screen or press the SPACE BAR button. Your car will drift as it turns, so be careful and plan your moves in advance. Good luck!

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