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Hard Crossword

Hard Crossword

Hard Crossword
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Hard Crossword


Hard Crossword takes a puzzle game to the next level! Challenge the limits of the most professional gamers in the genre. This daily brain game is extremely demanding on the players. If you are new to this unique puzzle gameplay, it will take a lot of effort and regular practice to grasp it. Complicated topics with confusing hints are enough to make you spend all day on one round. Therefore, you need to have general knowledge in many fields to be able to master your logical inferences.

How to play

  • First, scan through the clues to find the simple answer that you are most certain of.
  • Use slashes to confirm your answer. Solve the clues in the answer to make sure your answer is correct.
  • If you get stuck, look up the answer. It's not cheating, it's learning.
  • Practice to reason more effectively: Play some easy crossword puzzles to get in the mood to solve them. Regain your spirit and come back with overwhelming momentum to conquer this awkward crossword game!

Types of user

With its incredible difficulty, Hard Crossword will not be an entertainment choice for those who easily give up or players new to this game genre. If you still want to try more difficult levels, you need a lot of time to practice. It's okay; as long as you try, every day there are new puzzles for you to challenge.

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