Heardle is a simple puzzle game with a fun music theme for everyone. The player's task is to guess the song based on the intro. You have six guesses to do so, with each hint revealing more and more intros. Some will be able to guess certain songs from the first seconds, while others may need more time to continue. Songs change daily, from popular rock classics to lesser-known single-hit feats. Interestingly, right? Join Heardle today.


  • The game has many attractive features to support players in overcoming interesting challenges.
  • Graphics and sound are attractive to players.
  • Simple game rules suitable for everyone.


To solve puzzles in Heardle, players perform mouse movements in combination with keyboard operations and follow the instructions in the game to find the correct answer. Note that each player will only have six guesses, so take advantage of the hints in each guess to win the fastest. If you love this type of puzzle game, you can check out more in our fascinating word games collection!

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