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Easy Crossword

Easy Crossword

Easy Crossword
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Easy Crossword


Easy Crossword is a puzzle game with a difficulty level perfectly suited for players new to the genre. No more tricky crosswords with surprising difficulty! Now you can start the challenge with the basics. This is an attractive entertainment option to get acquainted with the typical puzzle gameplay and grasp the way of reasoning. At the same time, you can absolutely learn more knowledge from this useful game.

All you need to do is carefully analyze the suggestions in the two panels on the right side of the main grid. Take turns from easy to difficult to cover the entire game board. Don't worry too much because the topics in Easy Crossword are quite popular, and you can completely find information to support your round.

How to play

Click on the suggestion line to get to a horizontal or vertical row of keywords, then use the keyboard to enter your answer. In addition, you can click on the Reveal section to receive suggestions and the Check section to check your answer.

Unexpected benefits of the game

Easy Crossword will be the ideal game for those who want to improve their English language skills. By inferring from synonyms, antonyms, definitions, or simple implications, you can learn more about how to express a certain vocabulary. Playing and learning at the same time is too attractive to explore and definitely not to be missed!

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