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CodeWord can overwhelm you with grids with a large number of cells. Get ready to use your deepest knowledge of languages to decipher tricky puzzles. This crossword game is highly difficult because of its harsh rules. In addition to calculating each column or row, you will also need to predict a letter to fill in many different cells. Just one wrong choice can make you have to go back many times. There is no other way, you have to test reasonable answers yourself to find the correct answer.

Another note of CodeWord that can stimulate your ability to conquer is the vocabulary that will appear. Forget about everyday words and be ready to absorb the essence of a new language and the most advanced vocabulary. That is why this game will be the ideal entertainment choice for people who love languages, especially English. It will take you all day to figure out how to decode this brain-hacking game. Awaken your inner analytical skills and master tricky characters!

The rules of this game

  • First and most importantly, your answer must form a meaningful word.
  • You cannot solve the puzzle in a row or column but must simultaneously fill in a letter in many different positions.
  • There aren't any hints except for the flip-open result feature. This support is limitless, but don't overdo it to fully enjoy the incredible difficulty of this game!

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