Fireboy Watergirl: 6 Fairy Tales

Fireboy Watergirl: 6 Fairy Tales

Fireboy Watergirl: 6 Fairy Tales

Hurry!Hurry! Fireboy and Watergirl need your help to overcome the thorny challenge. Fireboy and Watergirl: 6 Fairy Tales is a fun adventure-themed online game for everyone. The player's task is to help Fireboy and Watergirl overcome difficult challenges. Become the fairies and help them solve the puzzles, beat the time and collect all the diamonds. Play alone or with a friend to join Fireboy and Watergirl in this new adventure. Rotate the levers and pushbuttons to complete these 30 new levels of the official Fireboy and Watergirl series. What are you waiting for? Join Fireboy Watergirl: 6 Fairy Tales today!

How to play

You can control Fireboy and Watergirl through the levels in Fireboy and Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales, just like in the previous games in the series. This time there are also fairies that will help them on their exciting adventure. As the name suggests, they are made up of elements and have strengths and weaknesses that match their nature. Fireboy can walk through fire and lava, but if he comes into contact with water, he will die. Watergirl is resistant to underwater obstacles, allowing her to go through them with ease. However, like her fiery twins, she will die if exposed to the opposing element, in this case, fire. Each level contains two types of gems. Fireboy can only collect red ones, while Watergirl can only collect blue ones. Solve puzzles and complete each level without killing Fireboy or Watergirl. Be sure to check out our collection of free and online Fireboy and Watergirl games to browse for more fun titles like this one!


To perform the challenges in Fireboy and Watergirl: 6 Fairy Tales, players should use the AWD keys to move Watergirl, the arrow keys to move Fireboy, and the mouse to move the fairies. Complete all levels fast enough and get all diamonds to get a perfect score. Good luck!

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