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Backgammon is one of the oldest board games, with its unique gameplay appeal. This classic game attracts a lot of attention because of the perfect combination of strategy, luck, and high entertainment. In these thrilling rounds, you will see a rectangular chess board with two symmetrical halves through a barrier. Each half has 24 squares, and each side has 15 pieces in random positions. The two dice play a role in determining the number of moves for each piece and can turn the situation around in an amazing way.

Detailed game rules

The goal in Backgammon is that you need to control all your pieces to the correct "home" and get off the board before your opponent. This is not a simple game, so please carefully review the information below!

About how to movement:

  • Clockwise, with the number of steps corresponding to the point on the dice.
  • Chess pieces can only go to empty cells or cells that have their own pieces. If you want to destroy your opponents to take position, you must "hit" them.
  • Players can move one or two pieces in one turn.

How to get off the board:

  • You need to bring all the pieces "home" to start this task.
  • Depending on the number of points on the dice, gamers take turns moving the pieces off the table. You need to finish before your opponent wins.


  • Take your turn: Click on the cube to roll the dice, then choose a piece and click on the box you want to move to.
  • Hit an opponent's chess piece: You click on that chess piece to perform the operation.

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