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The game Nerdle is a mathematical take on the popular word game Wordle. Instead of trying to identify the daily word, players must try to predict the equation. Once you have made a guess, the color of the cells will change to show whether or not you have put the numbers or symbols in the proper locations and whether or not they appear in the equation. There is no suggestion as to what the equation itself will look like. Whether you do it or not. That's interesting, isn't it? Sign up for Nerdle as soon as possible! 


  • The game has a lot of interesting features that help players get past difficult obstacles.
  • The UI is straightforward and simple to use.
  • Configuration with eye-catching visuals that are simple to utilize.

How To Play

To get started with the game, all the player has to do is input an equation that is right to discover the clues. You will have a total of six opportunities to guess the equation. That is the aim. You may do calculations using the integers 0 through 9 as well as the arithmetic symbols (+-*/=). Yellow underlining will appear whenever in the target equation there is a number or an arithmetic sign that has been put in the incorrect position. It will be indicated in green if the equation contains numbers or signs and those numbers or signs are in the right location in the equation. The color gray indicates that these particular numbers or signs are not used in the calculation. To be successful in the game, you will need to properly estimate the equation (all points are green). Post your findings on various social media platforms.


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