Word Hurdle
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Word Hurdle

Word Hurdle

Word Hurdle
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Word Hurdle


Word Hurdle is a fun word game for all ages with a puzzle premise. Players adore this free game. In this slightly updated new word game, challenge yourself with 5x brain-training fun. Will you race to the finish line and complete all five riddles in a hurry? Each day, a new word puzzle challenge will keep you motivated!


  • The game offers lovely visuals and a straightforward user interface. 
  • Many appealing elements are available to assist players in reaching the finish line.
  • Apps for a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

How To Play

Each Word Hurdle challenge has a five-letter hidden word to solve every day. You've got six chances to guess correctly. The color of the cells will show your proximity to the word after each guess. It's the proper letter in the appropriate spot if the tile turns green. The letter is in the incorrect spot if the tile turns yellow. There is no letter in the word if the cell is grayed out. The answers to the previous four hurdles will be pre-populated in the fifth and final Rush quiz. There are only two ways to fix it. Best wishes


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