Everyone can play the free online game Scholardle, which features a fun word-guessing theme. The game was initially based on Dordle, but it has since been modified and expanded to include more engaging difficulties. The objective of this game for the player is to determine the secret word within six opportunities. What are you holding out for exactly? Join Scholardle as soon as possible!     


  • Two-dimensional colorful graphics
  • A simple and enjoyable operation
  • An addictive and enjoyable gameplay experience. 


The user uses the mouse to control and attempt to guess the word as many times as possible within the game Scholardle. After the response has been entered, the letters will transform into a different color to indicate how accurately the word was entered. Good luck!

In addition to Scholardle, our library of word games includes several other games that are conceptually similar, such as Star Wordle and BTS Wordle. Come in!

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