Star Wordle

Star Wordle

Star Wordle

A fun word guessing game with a star theme, Star Wordle may be played by anybody online. The objective of this game is for the player to correctly identify a Star Wordle within a certain time limit of six tries. It's rather intriguing, wouldn't you agree? Join Star Wordle right now so that you don't miss any interesting prospects!


  • 2D graphics, plenty of color.
  • Buying things from the game's internal store
  • 3 restaurants to look for employment in simple controls.


Participants sign up for the Star Wordle, perform mouse movements, and try to guess the word after having six chances. Each guess has to be a term that contains exactly five letters. To submit, use the enter button on your keyboard. Following each guess, the tiles' color and pattern will shift to indicate how close they are to revealing the correct word. I hope you win!


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