BTS Wordle

BTS Wordle

BTS Wordle

The iconic boy band BTS is the inspiration for the new word guessing game BTS Wordle, which is available for free. This game was clearly influenced by Wordle, but it has many more unique features to captivate players. The challenge for the player is to correctly guess the word within six opportunities. Therefore, it is best to make educated estimates in order to arrive at the correct solution as rapidly as possible. What exactly are you looking forward to? Join the BTS Wordle community now!


  • Fun gameplay
  • A wide variety of possible configurations
  • Intuitive controls and visuals
  • In a colorful 2D format


Players sign up for BTS Wordle, then use the mouse to try to guess the word they are trying to guess within 6 tries. Following each guess, the tiles' colors will morph to indicate how close they are to revealing the correct word. Best of luck!


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