Jetpack Race Run

Jetpack Race Run

Jetpack Race Run

Have you ever soared through the air while using a jetpack? The racing game Jetpack Race Run is a dodging-style arcade game with 3D stickman players competing against one another and many obstacles. You will have the ability to use a jet pack to fly to the final platform, which is located on a restricted track. If you are determined to win each game, you must be vigilant and steer clear of the approaching walls of obstacles in order to advance your score and emerge victorious. The game does not have a time limit and there is no damage. Join Jetpack Race Run right away to put yourself in the position to face intriguing difficulties.


  • Vibrant graphics in three dimensions.
  • Amusing cartoon character design.
  • Platforms for the creative arts
  • Available on mobile devices.


Challenges are presented to players, and they are completed by moving with the mouse, holding it, and dragging it to change position. Then all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions. Best of luck!

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