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Dino Game

Dino Game

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Dino Game


Dino Game is an exciting running game on a never-ending road. Players control a small dinosaur on his endless adventure in the desert wilderness. The obstacles you need to face are spiky cacti and dangerous creatures. Living in a world of dinosaurs with the simplest images, how to conquer impressive scores?

Dino Game is one of Google Games' games inspired by the Chrome browser's offline games. This is also one of the reasons the game has an extremely simple design. Besides, players are also challenged with the speed of improvisation and reaction to different types of obstacles.

Not early, not late; press correctly

Your dinosaur will automatically run on the main track. You navigate the character to avoid obstacles with the following command keys:

  • UP arrow or SPACEBAR: to jump up
  • DOWN arrow: to bend down

Every object that appears during the adventure is a hazard that must be avoided. Because it is impossible to maneuver the character's speed, timing the jump correctly is extremely important. Observe as many obstacles in front of you as possible to take appropriate navigation actions. You can jump late, but if it's followed by a cactus, a collision is likely to happen, and your round ends immediately.

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