The popular online word game Wordle served as inspiration for the creation of Survivle. In Survive, though, defeat is your objective, so you'll need to apply all you've learned. The objective now is to make as many educated guesses as possible. This is intriguing, right? Sign up for Survivor right now to ensure that you take advantage of all the amazing possibilities that await you.


  • So many stages to beat. 
  • vibrant visuals and amusing motion graphics. 
  • A fun and entertaining word game.


To complete the cash task in the allocated time, players must use the mouse to navigate and fill in the gaps. The game will tell you precisely what (if anything) is incorrect with your current guess, but if you miss the cues, it will be extremely simple to lose track of the information provided. Try your hand at Survivle, and see if you can come out on top.


Word games are home to a plethora of tempting titles, like the popular Survivle and the equally engaging Stressfle. Have fun!

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