The popular word game Wordle served as inspiration for the equally entertaining word-guessing game Optimle. Each participant will be given a prediction table ahead of time and instructed to come up with a strategy to ensure victory with only two guesses. There are two lists of words in this game: one is a "secret list" of somewhat common terms that you are not permitted to guess, and the other is a longer list of words that you are. That's interesting, isn't it? If you don't want to lose out on great chances, sign up for Optimple now.


  • The capabilities of intuitive thinking. 
  • The option to shuffle and get a clue.
  • A diverse set of potential topics.
  • Animated, bright, two-dimensional.


Players take part in challenges by clicking and typing to quickly type the correct word into the blank box. After each guess, the word will be shown with the correct letter in blue, the incorrect letter in yellow, and the missing letter in gray.


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