Don't Wordle

Don't Wordle

Don't Wordle

Don't Wordle is a reverse take on Wordle, a word-guessing game played online. The goal of Wordle is to correctly predict a 5-letter word in as few as six tries as possible. The objective of Don't Wordle, however, is NOT to identify the word. Isn't that weird? Sign up for Don't Wordle right now to learn cool stuff!


  • Interactive, colorful, and 2D. 
  • The Adorable Character.
  • In all, there are four playable game modes. 
  • user-friendly interface.
  • Interactive content that is fun, difficult, and instructive.


The game is controlled by clicking and dragging the mouse. Your word guesses should inform your actual word attempts. A word that appears in green is correctly placed inside the word; a word that appears in yellow but in the incorrect location within the word; and a word that does not appear at all in white. With each guess, the number of remaining viable words is displayed at the top and decreases. Use an "UNDO" to undo the change if the count is too low. However, you should use extreme caution! If you type in the word "Wordle," the game will end right away, no matter how much UNDO time you still have.


Don't Wordle is only one of many fun and appealing games to be found at Word.

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