Bookli is a visually appealing and free theme that anyone can use.The objective of this game is to guess a secret word as many times as possible (up to 12). If the player does not find the secret word after 12 attempts, the game is over and the player must begin again from the beginning. Isn't that interesting? If you don't want to miss out on great chances, sign up for Bookli now.


  • Engaging and entertaining gameplay
  • Extra features are hidden behind locked doors.
  • Vibrant, realistic 3D images
  • The most popular theme right now.
  • Accessible on the go. 


Players move and complete tasks by clicking and dragging the mouse. Check in at the end of a guess by clicking the corresponding button. Players should also try to find the hidden word with as few guesses as possible.

Our assortment of word games includes not just Bookli but also some other great options like Avoidle, which are sure to pique your curiosity. All the best!

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