It's open to anyone interested in a fun take on the guessing game genre, and you can play Avoidle right here on our website. The object of the game is to deduce the secret 5-letter word as quickly as possible. It's interesting, huh? Don't put off joining Avoidle and missing out on the enticing benefits.


  • Fun gameplay. 
  • Easy to use settings, vibrant.
  • 2D visuals.
  • Choice of 20 colors.


Key in four five-letter words using as many of the remaining letters of the alphabet while avoiding the red letters at the bottom. Players may use red letters, but they will be ignored when scoring. To add insult to injury, you won't receive credit for any letters you already used, and the highest score you can get is 20.


You can find other entertaining word games besides Avoidle at sites like Alphabeticle. Best of luck to you!

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