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Wordle Peaks

Wordle Peaks
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Wordle Peaks


Wordle Peaks is an online version of the popular word guessing game Quordle, which served as the game's inspiration. In this activity, players join Wordle Peaks and try to figure out the secret word using 5 characters and 6 tries. There will be two different game modes available for players to pick from. It's quite fascinating, wouldn't you agree? Join Wordle Peaks right away so you won't miss out on a wonderful opportunity!


  • Bonuses and awards can be collected each day of the week.    
  • Vibrant images in two dimensions. 
  • A variety of increasingly difficult levels 
  • A game that is both entertaining and addicting.

How To Play

Players make movements with the mouse in conjunction with the keyboard, and they fill in the blanks with various words. Following each guess, the tiles reveal where in the alphabet your letters fall in comparison to the letters that have been correctly guessed.


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