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Word Lie

Word Lie
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Word Lie


Word Lie is a fun online word guessing game that anyone can play. The rules of this game are the same as those of Wordle, with one exception: once, the game will trick you by highlighting some or all of the wrong letters in a guess. Are you all set? Join Word Lie today so you don't miss out on interesting chances.


  • 2D, colorful graphics. 
  • Several challenging levels. 
  • Buying new skins from the game's store. 
  • Fun and engaging gameplay.


Players use the mouse to move and fill in words to find and solve challenges in each round. After you type in the word, the letters will change color. The palette colors the letters teal when they are in the right place, yellow when they are in the wrong place, and gray when they are not in the right place. If your guess has a letter twice, but the answer only has that letter once, only the most correct letter will be highlighted. Pay close attention to any hints that come up during the round.


Players can find more interesting games like Word-Lie in the Wordleverse Game Collection. Have a pleasant day!

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