Watermelon Drop
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Watermelon Drop

Watermelon Drop

Watermelon Drop
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Watermelon Drop


Watermelon Drop is a sweet pushing puzzle game with adorable fruits. There is nothing difficult about harvesting the fruits for your box. However, if it were that simple, this game wouldn't be so addictive. With the combined nature of the characters, the players’ target will be to create as many twinkling watermelons as possible. Naturally, this puzzle will need to be solved gradually. You can observe the merging order of the fruits at the bottom of the screen.

In particular, the funny characters in Watermelon Drop also have a characteristic rolling feature. This means that when objects are dropped, they can stand still or roll, depending on the terrain and impact. This may be a disadvantage, but players can fully utilize this feature for magic that pushes entities into fruit boxes. In particular, you also have great support when you know in advance that the next fruit will appear.

Some tips for this game

  • Do not put larger fruits on top of smaller fruits.
  • If possible, try to put the strategic focus on one side. This can help you limit the rolling nature of your characters.
  • Always think about the strategy for each drop and pay attention to the combination order of the fruits.

How To Play

Happy fruits are ready, waiting for you at the lid of the box. Choose the most ideal location for them by moving the mouse and clicking to drop down. Two blueberries will make one cherry. Two cherries combined into a lemon and then a banana. Continue like that until you have oranges, apples, peaches, coconuts, melons, pineapples, and finally watermelons.

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