Undine Match The Pic
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Undine Match The Pic

Undine Match The Pic

Undine Match The Pic

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Undine Match The Pic


During the summer, you'll want to go to the beach, swim, and soak up the rays.And now it's time to engage in some lighthearted competition with a game known as Undine Match The Pic. In this game, you will need to identify the subtle differences between two images that are nearly identical. You will put your critical thinking skills to the test as you interact with mermaids and other adorable marine critters. Proceed, but be quick about it because time is running out. If you are unable to locate all of the differences the first time you try, do not give up; if you try again, you will undoubtedly succeed.Today is the day to join Undine Match The Pic!


  • Puzzle solving
  • Animals involved
  • There is a window of opportunity to save 2D graphics.


At each stage, we compare two images that are very similar to one another and search for differences between them. A timer keeps track of how much time has already passed. Control can be executed by a computer click or a simple touch on the touchscreen, but this varies from gaming device to gaming device. Best of luck!

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