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Numberle is a math puzzle game that was inspired by Wordle, a popular game in early 2022. The basic goal of the Numberle game is to estimate the arithmetic equation accurately in six trials. You'll notice color suggestions as you input your own equation, indicating that you're getting close to completing the problem, and if all of the rows are highlighted in green, you've won! This game is ideal for sharpening your mind while having a good time with your pals. Are you all set? Sign up for Numberle right now!


  • The game boasts a stunning design and an easy-to-use UI.
  • There are a lot of cool features to help gamers. 
  • Simple game rules do not require a high level of ability.


How To Play

To begin the game, the player must just input the proper equation in order to uncover the clues. You will have six chances to predict the target equation in total. You can use integers (0–9) and arithmetic signs (+-*/=) to calculate. Any integer or arithmetic sign that is misplaced in the target equation will be colored brown. The equation will be highlighted in green if there are numbers or signs in the proper location. The color gray denotes the absence of certain numbers or signs from the equation. To win the game, you must correctly estimate the equation (all points are green). At the end of the game, you can quickly post your scores on social media, as well as copy the URL and challenge your friends!


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