Unblock Cube 3D

Unblock Cube 3D

Unblock Cube 3D

Welcome to Unblock Cube 3D! Everyone may enjoy this online game because of its very alluring puzzle premise. Solving the problem and getting over the hurdles in each round are the game's goals. To pass the stages, tap the blocks to make them fly away, and swipe to rotate the cube. Why are you holding out? Join Unblock Cube 3D right now to take advantage of these wonderful prospects!


  • Easy to play.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Engaging game play.
  • Unlockable improvements.
  • Vivid 3D graphics.


By rotating the cubes with a swipe and moving them with the mouse, players take on the task. Tap the blocks at the same time to make them fly away and complete the levels. You must play this very hard game carefully since the blocks can only travel in one direction.

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