Tropical Merge
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Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge

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Tropical Merge


A player in the new agricultural game Tropical Merge can take on the roles of amazing characters in an effort to save the natives. Because of the game's eye-catching aesthetics, players will feel like they're really a part of the action as they help the locals recover Paradise Bay and expand their farm. Immediately download this free adventure game to make the most of your time off in a tropical paradise.

How to play

Players assume the roles of the game's characters and embark on a series of adventures on a farm inhabited by strange people hiding sinister pasts in this role-playing game. Participate in the tasks at hand to aid in the preservation of Paradise Bay and the development of new land. By lending your support to their cause, you can help people who are working to improve the connection between the mainland and the bay island.


  • Superb visuals, amazing settings, and a ton of playable stuff to mix and match and personalize to your heart's content.
  • Despite the constant difficulty, the potential payoff is great.
  • You can build many different kinds of structures and gather many different kinds of materials.
  • A bountiful harvest at the highest feasible commodity prices.
  • There are many thrilling stories and adventures awaiting you.

Success Strategies

Players can employ the strategy of matching and combining pieces to create new things and alter the island in response to a challenge. By knocking out as many to-dos as you can, you can speed up the process of building your own island.


Mixing and matching old materials to create something new can speed up the island's refurbishment.

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