The Password Game
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The Password Game

The Password Game

The Password Game
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The Password Game


The Password Game is an extremely engaging creative puzzle game with unique decoding challenges. Players will create passwords that follow a special set of rules with increasing complexity. The number of these rules is up to 35, with the proposals being the most painful.

The Detailed Gameplay

Appearing on the main screen of The Password Game is an input box. Players use the keyboard to type the answers. The characters you choose may or may not form a meaningful word, as long as they meet the requirements. Every time a rule is met, another one immediately appears. Gamers can receive orders for the minimum number of characters, roman letters, a color, a month of the year, a country name, and others. Only when you complete all 35 requirements in the rule set will you be recognized as the winner.


It seems easy, but there are some extremely brain-hacking puzzles. How do you handle it if the password requires the best chess move? Or even have to review everything you entered just because one message says "Password length must also be a prime number"? Everything needs gamers to experience and try to decode for yourself.

Master The Password Game

  • Look up relevant information to be sure of your choice. You can absolutely use the search engine for Roman characters, Wordle answers, prime numbers, and so on.
  • Follow the previous rules. Even if you have successfully decoded these requests, they may still be invalidated, so your subsequent response no longer meets the directive. The red boxes are the displays of unsuccessful orders.
  • The Password Game can even frustrate you because of its inherent nature. Take time to relax and rest before deciding to return to these brain-hacking challenges. A refreshed spirit will help you give more reasonable answers.

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