Squabble is a word guessing game that combines the elements of battle royale with Wordle. In the game, you compete against a large number of other players, each of whom is attempting to complete a series of Wordle-style tasks more quickly than you. You have health points, which deplete over time but may be restored by successfully completing puzzles. It's kind of interesting, isn't it? Join Squabble as soon as possible!     


  • Plenty of recipes to test out.
  • Numerous clients with a variety of preferences 
  • Engaging and fun game play.


Players of Squabble utilize mouse movements to participate in the game, which also requires them to create challenges. There are two primary game modes: one is called Blitz, in which you compete against anything from one to four other players. The game Battle Royale is a large-scale conflict that may have up to 99 people involved. In addition, Squabble gives you the option to make your own game or to join an already existing one. I hope you win!


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