An online word guessing game called Speedle was built with the help of Hello Wordl as its inspiration. This is an updated version of the old television show Lingo. The objective of this game for the player is to determine the location of 1 hidden word using 6 different opportunities. Are you up to the task that has been set for you? Let's start taming your inner demons with Speedle right now.


  • Interesting zoo locations     
  • Great game
  • User-friendly controls 


Players that take part in Speedle complete the task by moving using a combination of the keyboard and the mouse. Players can only move the mouse. When you have completed the task, the correctness of your response will be shown by the color of the corresponding letter. In addition, the game comes pre-equipped with a running speed timer that, when activated, shows the code that describes the various aspects of the word. That is, the level of difficulty, the accuracy, and the number of words. Pay attention, and get it done right away!


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