Word guessing games are always popular, and Sexaginta-quattuordle is one that everyone can enjoy thanks to its many new and improved features. When playing this game, the participant has a total of 70 chances to correctly guess each of the 64 cryptic words. Following each guess, the color of the letters will revert to a state that more accurately represents the word's level. Wow, that's incredible? Join Sexaginta-quattuordle today!


  • Graphics in two dimensions  
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Limited time
  • Controls that are simple to use


Players enter the game as members of the Sexaginta-quattuordle and use mouse movements to uncover the secret solution. Each guess needs to be a 5-letter term that can be used in the game. To submit your response, press the enter button. Following each guess, the color of the tiles will shift to indicate how close you are to finding the correct answer.

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