Seven Wordles

Seven Wordles

Seven Wordles

Seven Wordles is a fresh take on the popular word game. The objective of the mission is to see how fast the players can predict seven distinct terms. However, for every incorrect estimate, you'll lose three seconds. How fascinating is that?


  • Do not wait to sign up for Seven Wordles and miss out on the fun challenges we have in store for you.
  • An Emoji-based messaging system with a leveling system and a questing framework. Playing-field glossary 
  • Game speed is maximized with a small board and a high word density.


For this competition, players use the mouse to quickly complete the blanks. So, after six tries, you've entered six different 5-character words. Colored letters, according to the right level of the word, will be displayed after each fill. Make use of the clues provided after each attempt. 


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