Anyone, anywhere in the world, can play Revertle for free. Each player's goal in this game is to uncover the secret word as quickly as possible. You get five chances every day to guess a secret word whose letters appear in red on your keyboard. So, why are you stalling? Don't wait to join Revertle and lose out on great chances.


  • Earn daily bonuses and win prizes on a regular basis. 
  • Vibrant, 2D visual.
  • There are a variety of difficult levels. 
  • The game is fun and engrossing to play.


Players complete the task by clicking and dragging the mouse to fill in the gaps with appropriate words. As a result, from Red to Yellow to Green, each Jigsaw Letter will only ever appear in unique, non-repetitive words. However, if you utilize a letter exactly where it appears in Hidden Words, it will revert to its original color. In order to win, you must make use of the puzzle letters on your keyboard by changing them to the green color.


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