Metal Black Wars

Metal Black Wars

Metal Black Wars

Everyone will have a good time playing Metal Black Wars, an online game with a battle theme. Make the most incredible entrance possible in this game by arriving by helicopter; it will put your opponents on edge. Are you prepared to defend your city from the onslaught of the hostile army that has surrounded it? Get your weapon ready and start making your way towards the enemies. All enemies must be shot and killed.Bring out the metal guy's full potential.You can use the gold you earn to purchase new and more powerful weapons. Come on, plunge yourself into the gloomy realm of metal man, and don't get left behind in the exciting adventure! Get involved in the Metal


  • Images with vivid colors.
  • Multiple weapons to use against your opponents.
  • Options for both single and multiplayer play are available.


Players take on tasks by moving with the arrow keys (AD), jumping with the space bar (Space), shooting with the J key, laying bombs with the K key, healing with the L key, reloading with the R key, and gazing up with the W key. Best of luck!

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