Infinidle is a free, enjoyable word guessing game available on the internet at any time. An individual's participation in the game is measured by their ability to correctly guess and locate a secret word within a certain time limit. The player must pay close attention after each guess to complete meaningful words with at least five identical letters. What's the status of your preparations? Don't wait any longer to become an Infinidle member and start benefiting from its many features.


  • It has several layers. 
  • Plot-related skins.
  • Throw your lot in with a spin of the wheel.


A player takes part in the challenge by clicking and dragging the mouse to fill in the gaps with words such that the completed text makes sense. When you type a word and hit "Enter," the letters will show in a variety of colors to indicate how close they are to the correct spelling: Green: You have to search in the appropriate place to find the word; spelled incorrectly but still yellow; White or gray means that the letter is not in the term.

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