Heli Battle

Heli Battle
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Heli Battle

Heli Battle is a free online game for everyone with a fun air battle theme. Players will engage in the fastest-paced opponent helicopter combat tasks in this Heli Battle game. At all costs, destroy opposing helicopters. Collect ammunition to fire rockets. Scroll up by tapping. To scroll down, release the button. Are you up for a thrilling adventure in Heli Battle? Join us now!


  • Everyone will enjoy this high-octane action theme.
  • Collect ammunition to fire missiles at enemy planes.
  • With vibrant 3D design visuals, battle on a stunning sunset scene.


In this Heli Battle game, the user must either follow the game's instructions or utilize the keyboard in conjunction with mouse manipulation to create surprise attacks that cause the computer to crash. The enemy's flight is immediately defeated. Best wishes!

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