Flying Orange

Flying Orange
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Flying Orange

Flying Orange is a free adventure game that may be played on any platform. Players will take control of a little orange and use their jetpack to escape the hazards of space. Collect gasoline while avoiding traps and adversaries. Always be alert to any dangers in your immediate environment. Are you ready to embark on an amazing journey? Join the Flying Orange family today!


  • The game has a simple setup that doesn't require players to download any software. It works on all platforms, including iOS and Android, and it doesn't need to be installed.
  • The upgrade function increases the appeal and support for players.
  • Players can take part in a variety of tasks with unique missions.


Players in Flying Orange begin challenges by moving left and right with the arrow keys, jumping with the Z key, and using the X key to use the jet. In the game menu, you may also change the setup of the controllers. 

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