Drift Hunters
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Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters
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Drift Hunters


Drift Hunters is a fun online game with a 3D car racing concept in which you earn points by drifting different cars. You can use the money you earn from these points to enhance your current vehicle or purchase a new vehicle. Because of its realistic drift physics and unique driving setting, the game stands out. Are you prepared to be the Drift Hunters' champion? Now is the time to join and win the race!


  • Bonus points and enticing player-support products like jewelry and gold are available.
  • User-friendly UI with 3D visuals.
  • New courses and over 25 drift cars.
  • The sensitivity of the control is adjusted via a new physics engine.

How To Play

Drift Hunters players use up minutes to accelerate gas, down to brake, left to turn left, right to turn right, and spacebar to execute handbrake during the race. In addition, the player can change the camera, alter gears, and take images by pressing the C key.


If you are a genuine racer and want to explore more race tracks, you can check out our Drift Boss with challenging races!


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