The game Wordle served as the inspiration for the hockey-themed guessing game known as Dangle. In this game, you will have to identify the identity of a different participant each day. Your mission is to identify the unknown player in a total of eight attempts. It's rather interesting, isn't it? Joining Dangle right now will ensure that you don't miss out on any great chances.     


  • 3D images with a vibrant palette
  • There are a number of smaller levels to accomplish
  • The history and the characters are adorable 
  • Fun and fascinating games



Players take turns making mouse movements and guessing the names of current NHL players. If you get all eight of your guesses correct, you win. Following each estimate, the outcome will offer a distinct hue to signify the word's degree of precision. When an attribute has a green box next to it, it signifies that it's accurate. If you see a yellow box in the age column, it indicates that you are within 2 years of the correct age. If you see a yellow box in the number column, it indicates that you are within 5 digits. If there is a yellow checkbox in the team column, it indicates that the enigmatic player has spent some time competing for that particular squad. There is not a single hue that even remotely resembles the unknown player's characteristics. I hope you win!

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