Crissle Crossle

Crissle Crossle

Crissle Crossle

The word-guessing game Crissle Crossle is fun for anyone to play online. The objective of the game is to uncover the answers with as few guesses as possible. To play the game on either "daily play" or "infinite play," please use the buttons located at the top of the screen. Do you feel ready? Get in on the fun of word guessing with Crissle Crossle right away!


  • Images in vivid 2D colors. 
  • Levels that are both fun and challenging.
  • The game is fun to play.
  • Easy-to-understand settings.
  • Supporting Incentives.


The player navigates by clicking on possible answers with the mouse. To be a valid guess, a word must contain exactly five letters. To continue, please hit the enter key. In order to show how close you are to the correct answer after each guess, the tiles will change color.


In addition, a blue word will pop up to the right after each guess and obscure your view of the answer. The blue word in the same row as your guess has the same effect as the correct answer.


Try Confusle if you enjoy our other word guessing games; you won't be let down. My best wishes to you!

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