Cookie Crush 4
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Cookie Crush 4

Cookie Crush 4

Cookie Crush 4

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Cookie Crush 4


Are all of you ready for Cookie Crush 4? The point of this game is to pair up candies so that everyone can win some extra treats. Players will have a lot more fun with more than 2,000 hard stages to choose from. The goal is to open treasure chests full of treats like cookies, cakes, and doughnuts, as well as money like gold and silver. Use powerful boosters and combos that give you points to get the highest score possible in each level. Are you ready to go? Start playing Cookie Crush 4 right away.


  • The images are 2D and have a lot of color.
  • It is possible to get boosts.
  • It has different levels in different ways.
  • Maps are cool.
  • Representations that shine.


To get rid of these tasty cookies from the board, you must match at least three of them. Players should try to find at least three other people to play with. If you can combine several cookies at once, you'll not only get a lot of points, but you'll also be able to use some fun bonus features, like getting rid of an entire row of candies or making all of the cookies lose a color. You shouldn't be in a hurry to move forward, and you should always keep an eye on your score because the pass restriction can be hard. As a result, you may need to plan ahead for your next few steps. We hope the best for you!

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