Cloudle is a Wordle-inspired daily weather prediction game. In this game, players must estimate the weekly weather forecast for cities all across the globe. Cloudy circumstances, such as clear, rain, and snow, are highlighted in the forecasts. Isn't that intriguing? Don't miss out on great incentives by joining Cloudle now!


  • Every day, there are extra incentives to be collected.
  • 2D graphics in vibrant colors.
  • There are many difficult levels to choose from.
  • Gameplay that is both entertaining and addicting.


Cloudle participants move their mouse and type their prediction in the blank area. Bonus green tiles are awarded for the right locations and symbols; a yellow tile is awarded if the correct symbol is placed incorrectly. A gray indicator indicates that the specified weather icon is not included in the puzzle for that day. The player will have six opportunities to correctly anticipate the outcome. Let's concentrate on guessing the right answer as quickly as possible!


It's never been so much fun to look for letters! Have you ever played Xordle, the popular game? Enjoy!

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