Xordle is a fully free online game for everyone with a fun puzzle concept. It's a really addicting game, and the ability to personalize it with your own phrases entices us to play with you. To keep each other challenged, friends tackle riddles. When playing Xordle, the player's goal is to complete a cryptic keyword search as quickly as possible; the player will have seven guesses. Are you willing to accept the challenge? Join Xordle immediately!


  • Every day, there are extra incentives to be collected.
  • 2D graphics with a lot of color.
  • There are several difficult levels.
  • This is a fun and addicting game.


The player has nine opportunities to locate the proper answer in the game Xordle. Each effort must be a 5-letter word that is correct. The color of the letters will change after each try to indicate how close you are to completing the word. The game enables you to post the results on social media, display the series of efforts with colors but without disclosing the letters, and raise the appeal and interest of attempting to uncover the word you've challenged each other with. Best of luck!


It's never been so much fun to find letters! Have you ever played Redactle, the well-known game? Have a blast!

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