Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel

Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel

Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel

This unique take on the bubble shooting genre is called Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel, and it has a candy wheel that rotates. To win the game, you must collect all of the candies that appear on the wheel.Candies should be fired in the direction of the wheel in order to create groups of at least three candies that share the same hue. Your score will go down as the game progresses, so you should try to wrap it up as quickly as possible. Get started with the Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel right away!


  • Gameplay that is both fun and addicting.
  • Intuitive controls
  • Very nice visuals in 2D.
  • There are a lot of levels to finish.


To play this game, the player can either use their mouse or touch input to take part in various challenges and complete them. Best of luck!

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