Brick Out

Brick Out

Brick Out

Brick Out is a free, multiplayer online game with a lively and entertaining focus on combat. Players take turns targeting their shots and destroying as many bricks as they can, but they must remember to touch down on the landing board. You have access to powerful weaponry that can destroy multiple blocks at once. What are you holding out for exactly? Join Brick Out as soon as possible!


  • The vibrant game is spreading, which makes you want to participate and destroy all of the tiles in the game.
  • The enjoyment of playing is amplified with the addition of sound effects.
  • A joy to look at and a great experience overall.


The objective of the challenge is for players to participate by dragging their landing pad to the appropriate area for landing using the mouse. Use your finger to control your aim and break as many tiles as you can. Complete the challenge to get points redeemable for cash. Best of luck!

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