Anagram Crossword
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Anagram Crossword

Anagram Crossword

Anagram Crossword
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Anagram Crossword


Anagram Crossword is an addictive educational puzzle game suitable for all types of players. In this interesting challenge, you will get lost in a maze of cells with hidden keywords. The gamers' task is to find the correct answer to cover the grid. Hints in the game will be words with jumbled letters of the answer you need to find. This is an attractive feature that makes the game both entertaining and educational. You can completely expand your English thinking ability through these logical rounds.

Anagram Crossword is a daily game. The trivia thing means that, every day, you will only receive one puzzle. If you come to this crossword world for the first time, you can explore the previous days' rounds. If you have completed everything, you will have to wait until the next day for more stunning challenges. Don't forget to note down new words to make the game a useful entertainment choice.

How to play

Gamers should read all the hints first and choose the word that is easiest to deduce. Analyzing gradually from easy to difficult until solving tricky crosswords. You can use the keyboard to type your answers.

Types of users

Anagram Crossword's wholesome entertainment and educational nature will make it an ideal choice for those who want to improve their English skills. However, this is a game suitable for all types of players, from newcomers to experts. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself and bring back impressive achievements!

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