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Dordle 2
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Anyone may participate in the online wargame You've been tasked by the General Among Us with running the YRZ-15 station. Take on the other pretenders in the area and see who can emerge victorious. To regain control of the station and protect your region, you must retake control of it. Gain ground for your cause by conquering it. Leaving its area exposes the impostor to assault and leaves a trail of evidence behind it. To disrupt its route will send it insane. If you succeed, it will leave the area. Make sure your track is secure while you go after theirs. I don't know what they're expecting. Compete for supremacy in by seizing control of the game's most nodes.


  • This is a multiplayer arena fighting game that takes place in real time online and uses 2D graphics.
  • Using one's brain strategically is crucial.
  • This area represents how much of the land you're really using.


Players may direct their avatar with a touch of their finger or a click of the mouse. One may use either the mouse (using the WASD keys) or the keyboard (using the arrow keys) to move about a desktop. Please know that you have our best wishes.

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