A Diction

A Diction

A Diction

The online word guessing game "A Diction" is available to anyone and everyone at no cost. The objective of this game is for the player to come up with a word using a total of six different efforts, each of which must be a legitimate five-letter word. After the blanks in the table have been filled in, the word's veracity will be indicated by a change in the color of the letters. Are you able to rise to the occasion and take on the challenge? Join A Diction as soon as possible.


  • Vibrant images in two dimensions. 
  • Intuitive controls.
  • A game that is both entertaining and addicting.
  • Hundreds of different levels to play through.



A Diction is an extremely easy and laid-back game, so please make yourself at home. You will have a total of six chances to guess the right word. Each try must have 5 letters. Use the enter button to check if you have the answer correct. Following each transmission, we will inform you of how close each letter is to its destination: Yellow indicates that the letter is present in the word but is not in the correct position; green indicates that the letter is present in the word but is not in the appropriate location. Gray indicates that the letter is not present in the word.


If you find yourself unable to proceed and require assistance, try touching the light bulb icon. Earn hints by decoding phrases in less than three turns without making use of any hints.


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