2 Player Dark Racing

2 Player Dark Racing

2 Player Dark Racing

The speed racing theme of the free online game 2 Player Dark Racing is fun for everyone. To race against other people, you must first get a vehicle. This Shadow Racing game lets you and a friend race against each other locally or online. You and a friend can race each other in the dark with 2 Player Dark Racing, which is a lot of fun.


  • Stunning 3D visuals. 
  • beautiful neon color scheme. 
  • Locks can be turned off and cars can be gotten into. 
  • You can turn on and off the gameplay mode. 
  • Option 1P and Option 2P are both viable options.


The Arrow Keys (Player 1) or WASD can be used to drive (Player 2). Be aware of how fast you're going and how far away you are. Have fun!

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